What is XLVAT?

XLVAT is a web‐based bridging software application that links Excel, other spreadsheet applications and many non-MTD accounting packages to HMRC's online Making Tax Digital VAT service.

What is Making Tax Digital?

If you own a VAT‐registered business, you will by now have received a letter from HMRC informing titled: "The way you send us VAT information is changing".

HMRC mandates that all VAT‐registered businesses with an annual turnover of £85,000 or greater must:

  • Maintain VAT records digitally.
  • File VAT returns using bridging software that works with their "Making Tax Digital" service.

While most businesses will already meet the first obligation, most need to make changes to ensure that they are compliant with the second.

Businesses that use an accounting package will need to check that it is MTD compliant. Those that use Excel, some other spreadsheet application, or an accounting package that is not MTD compliant, will need to use bridging software to file VAT returns.

Copying figures out of a spreadsheet and pasting them into HMRC's online VAT return form, or formatting the data for HMRC's XML filing service, is longer be possible.

This is where XLVAT comes in.

XLVAT is secure, easy to use and requires no installation. Simply upload your Excel-format spreadsheet file to our website and use a straightforward point‐and‐click interface to populate your VAT return. We file the figures with HMRC. In most cases, you won't even need to change your spreadsheet, as long as all the figures required to file your return are on the same worksheet.

What file formats can XLVAT read?

XLVAT supports .xls, .xlsx and .xlsm files produced in Excel 97 or later, or exported from a different spreadsheet application or non-MTD accounting package.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing to view your VAT account using XLVAT. You can view your outstanding obligations, previously‐filed returns, liabilities and payments without ever paying a penny. You can even file your first MTD VAT return using XLVAT for free.

We hope that you like XLVAT and want to continue to file your business' VAT returns with us; see costs on the pricing page.

XLVAT is much less costly than a dedicated accounting package. And, not only is it more competitively priced than other bridging products, it is also easier to use than all of them, requiring no Excel add‐ins or configuration.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!